Our true passion is in skateboarding.  As the innovators of steel trays for concrete DIY style obstacles,  we have perfected the design and process to make the obstacles light as possible without compromising strength.  Being skateboarders ourselves, we know exactly what will be fun to skate.  Whether it is a skate-able sculpture, modular skate obstacles, coping for a private backyard skate park or ramp, or a company training facility, we can do it all.

IMG_3798   IMG_0068   IMG_0070IMG_3668  IMG_3674  FullSizeRender

rene iphone 2.26.15 412  IMG_1904           Broke Phone 250  IMG_1908                                                     Blunt Steel Pacsun  IMG_2452

IMG_2443  IMG_2532IMG_0366         IMG_0117

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